Sunday School

Our Sunday school program combines Hebrew and religious studies into one fun-filled morning each week.  In addition to the regular program for learning, our students gain knowledge from participating in the holiday celebrations as they occur throughout the school year. School takes place during the academic year, from 9:00-11:30 am.


Our K-2 class begins learning the alef-bet (the Hebrew alphabet) and some of the prayers and songs associated with Shabbat and the holidays.  They are also exposed to a variety of the characters and stories from the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible). Learning at this age is accomplished through creative programming including arts, crafts, music and games; all designed to generate an enthusiasm for learning about Jewish customs and rituals. 


Our Aleph Hebrew class (3rd grade) builds upon the learning done in the K-2 class with a greater emphasis on developing the skills necessary to read Hebrew words and phrases through the use of the Torah Aura curriculum. 


The Bet class (4th grade) continues the development of students’ Hebrew skills using the Torah Aura programming.  In addition, the Bet class begins to learn the prayers and blessings that are part of the weekly Shabbat service.  


Gimmel students (5th-6th grade) work on mastering the prayers that they will be expected to lead for their bar/bat mitzvah.  The focus of the gimmel class is on the V’ahavta and the first three blessing of the Amidah; they work out of the prayerbook used for regular Friday night and Saturday morning services. This helps them become familiar and comfortable with reading directly from the prayer book. 

Z’man Kehilah

Z’man Kehilah is Hebrew for Community (kehilah) Time (z’man). Community Time is how we close each of our Sunday school sessions.  All of the students come together and join the in singing and (often) dancing our way through a collection of prayers and songs.  We end our morning together on a joyous note!  

  • Shabbat-11-06-15-9
  • pincandle
  • sukkot
  • dreidel
  • singing at table
  • shabbat
  • singing with jon

2017-2018 Religious School Calendar

Important Religious School Dates for 2017-2018

9/10 - First Day
10/1 - No School
10/13 - Friday Night Family Service @ 7pm – Simchat Torah   
11/26 - No School - Thanksgiving
12/10 - Gift Shop
12/15 - Chanukah Family Service @ 7pm           
12/17 - Chanukah Party
12/24 - No School – Winter Break  
12/31 - No School – Winter Break
1/7 - No School – Winter Break
1/28 - Tu B'Shevat
3/2 - Family Service @ 7pm – Megillah Reading/Spiel, break down room     
3/4 - Purim Carnival
3/25 - No School – Spring Break
4/1 - No School – Spring Break
4/8 - Cemetery Day of Service – Yom HaShoah             
5/13 - No School – Mother’s Day
5/18 - Family Service @ 7pm
5/20 - Last Day of School 

You can download a printable list of important dates here: 2017-2018 Religious School Dates.