The members of Congregation Am Echod revel in the opportunities we have to join together in joyful and meaningful worship on Shabbat, holidays and for lifecycle events. Every Shabbat is a new chance for each of us to wrap ourselves in the mantle of love, peace and rest as we join together and raise our communal voice in joyful exuberance. Every holiday is an opportunity to celebrate, meditate and reflect on that which is most meaningful to us. Each lifecycle event offers an occasion to acknowledge and observe the various stages in our life’s journey, sometimes with lively celebration other times with thoughtful reflection.

Judaism is a religion that necessitates living as part of a larger community and our prayer services reflect this idea. We encourage you to join us at Congregation Am Echod for any of our worship experiences; you are welcome any time. We provide an open and casual atmosphere in which to come together and share in the joy of prayer, regardless of your experience or background. So whether you are an experienced davener, a first timer, or anything in between, we look forward to having you be a part of our community.